logo pcbI worked on the Personalized Breast Care account while employed at Venture Icon Media. This was a book written by a small group of plastic surgeons focused on providing information for women with breast cancer, as well as general breast health. The book was brand new, and so I was the primary account manager for social media. My strategy was to begin with posts promoting the book and its authors, reposting relevant content for the target audience and sharing excerpts from the book.

My biggest project was spearheading the planning and executing a large-scale, month-long campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. I worked with my coworkers to strategize ideas and concepts, and then I collaborated with the graphic designer to execute my vision.

The theme was Road Trip to Recovery with the hashtags #InThePinkLoop and #PinkMileage. I came up with the concept of the ribbon/road with the month mapped out like a map. Each week in the month marked a different spot in the breast cancer journey, beginning with diagnosis, then treatment, recovery and lastly “Welcome to Life.”

This campaign brought page likes from 189 on October 1 to 580 on October 11.