The team:
Matthew and Kennedy for BYUSA President and Vice President

The job: Social Media Manager

The dates: January-March 2016

Results: Came second in the election but helped drive the voter turnout to near record highs.

I was recruited by the campaign manager of Matthew and Kennedy’s campaign to run their social media. BYUSA is similar to a student government campaign, but it is a student service organization instead. My job consisted of preparing the text and images for posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every day. I created a social media calendar to determine the themes for each day, and had access to some professional photos and some Canva designing. I added two team members half way through the process who helped lighten the load by posting on Twitter and some Facebook.

Although it was a two-month BYU local campaign, I worked hard to post content that would further establish Matthew and Kennedy’s theme, Step Forward in Service. Posts consisted of getting-to-know you’s for the candidates, spotlights of campaign team members, favorite service quotes, coverage of campaign events, discussing their platform and uniting the community.


Facebook was used as the central command station.

Example of reach:
Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 5.18.02 PM


Example of posts:


Instagram was a place to practice curation. I really focused on creating a unified theme with colors and content.