When to Visit Paris (in the Springtime)

2017 Holiday Photography

We took the Chunnel to Paris and I would only change two things:

  1. Stay longer! We stayed for a few days but could’ve easily stayed a week.
  2. Pack nothing. I had to drag my big ole souvenir-laden suitcase all over the continent.

We took a walk as soon as we settled into our Airbnb to find food. We ended up on the Champs-Elysees and found a random cafe that turned out to be delicious, obviously. I was worried about finding gluten-free for my mom but it was easier than we thought. “Sans gluten” can go a long way!

We window-shopped and shopped-shopped at Laduree.


The result of “Hey Melissa can I try a bite of that macaron?”


We found out about the terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester shortly after we got to Paris. Strangely enough, we always felt safe in Paris although terrorist attacks are a worry. The only time we really thought about it was near the Eiffel Tower since there was a huge police presence.

Must be Italian.

This lady knows what’s up.

The essence of 2017.

This Parisian pigeon is more chic than you…

and he knows it.

Our Airbnb was a perfect splurge. Amazing, amazing location. Kind and helpful host, and huge and gorgeous. One night we stopped at a local grocery store and fruit market and came back to have a Parisian meal.

Stuff I used but too much stuff! May is an excellent time to go to Europe but it was hot in Paris and cold at times in London so you had to pack for both seasons.

Ode to The Lost Umbrella

We mocked the tourists but took the same boat tour later and it was delightful.



The following photos are from one of my favorite places on the plant, Sainte-Chappelle. We had been walking a bit and some of us (not me) were starting to complain but I knew we all had to get to Sainte-Chappelle. Seeing it for the first time was one of my favorite memories from study abroad and I could not wait to see everyone’s faces as they climbed up the stairs. They had no idea what they were in for and I made sure to climb the staircase first, turn around and watch their reaction. There’s a certain delight in being right about something, but this one took the cake.

Oh can you even fathom this exists. And opening its doors in 1248.

Happy place.

We made it to Notre Dame just in time for a service and a look around. Last time I was there I only had my iPhone 4 camera and that had no chance of taking a decent photo.


Man baby.

Everyone’s favorite bookstore (including my own) was packed and closing for a RSVP author reading so we took a peek and moved on.

A+ window display work.

Oh Paris. You rock.

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