Sunday in London

2017 Holiday London Photography

I’m back on the editing photos from my trip bandwagon! Today’s post features all the hits from our first Sunday including, but not limited to, The V&A, St. Paul’s Cathedral, dinner at a pub and walks down Westminster. Oh and it was Mother’s Day so celebration was a must! Being back in South Kensington made my heart happy.

The Victoria and Albert Museum is a must. So much to see and so little time! My favorite place is the cafe and the outdoor wading pool and park. A perfect morning!

love some quirky William Blake

Right down the street is the Hyde Park Chapel where I had my classes during study abroad. I felt like Marius “my friends my FRIENDS!!” because the room was indeed missing my friends I spent hours with in that room.

We popped into St. Paul’s for a Sunday service. That building is simply stunning. Also I adding this picture because of the creepy statue and the double exposure.

We took a walk from St. Paul’s down the empty cobblestone streets. Oh and Melissa’s amazing high school friend Libra joined us for the day and it was such a treat. She’s a doll!

We walked to St. Bride’s Chapel which holds a special place in our Allen hearts! My great-great-great-great? grandparents were married in this church back in the 1800s and before the emigrated to America after joining the church. A church has been on that site for roughly 1000 years and the version of the church they were married in was burned down, but the current building is beautiful. We were lucky because the choir was singing and they are heavenly. I visited the church while on study abroad and remember their choir being the best I had heard so far.

We continued our walk to Westminster:

some cool cranes to show my dad, hey dad look at these cool cranes


Oh happy London day!

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