Chelsea and Tate in Britain

2018 Holiday London Paintings Photography

Well, well, well… look at what we have here. Someone has dusted off her memory cards and has Lightroom working again. Must be time for a photo dump! I have so many photos I’m proud of to share from my trip last May and there’s nothing like reliving a trip through your photos. On that note, here is the day we spent in South Kensington, Chelsea and the Tate Britain. A day full of my favorite things: walks through London neighborhoods, drooling over art and seeing the sun shine. Enjoy!

Snapshot of our getting ready station in our Airbnb. Gotta get creative with five women and one bathroom!
Ready for the day. Wearing my brand new Primark digs.
Blurry walking photo of the tunnel from the South Kensington Tube Station to Exhibition Street – a tunnel I’ve had to frequently power walk through to get to my study abroad class on time*. *Not too late
The original and pretty part of the Natural History Museum.
I was a British schoolgirl in a past life.

Can you even handle it.

We took a quick walk through a few exhibits, since the grand hall was under renovation, but we saw some gorgeous original naturalist notebooks and walked through the learning garden outside.

This thing is REALLY old. And important. Old, important and cool.

We continued on a walk through Chelsea which was one of my favorite things I did while on study abroad. Walking south of the Natural History Museum, we came across a typically historical building that caught our eye because Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lived there. (Of course he did!)

The building now houses The College of Psychic Studies, which we discovered when we met a visiting lecturer on the sidewalk. Blake Bauer was so kind to introduce us to the college and told us about his new book (which we ended up ordering when we got home!) and was so pleasant. We took a peek inside, including the library and bookshop. Such a unexpected and fun detour.

Well maybe we didn’t want to go into your snooty garden anyway!
(I took this picture through the fence and it’s so lovely in that garden I could die.)

We walked and walked and browsed the windows of the most British and beautiful shops, including the most gorgeous bridal gowns and blooms.

Tacky, but intriguing.

A certain bride-to-be was over the moon!

“Hey Beck take my picture in front of this door I live here now!”

LONDON>>>>everywhere else

Snuck a peek at my favorite Albert Bridge. I recommend seeing it lit up at night though! It is the same colors as my outfit in the post, baby pink and blue.

It’s art time! I had forgotten how many infamous pieces of art are at the Tate so we were short on time. But I took as many photos as I could so I could have them forever. It’s kind of working! As if looking at photos is the same as seeing art in person!


Pre-Rafaelites can GET IT.

Another view of the stunner.

It’s fun to revisit what caught my eye. I love seeing details, bright colors and girls and women doing interesting and nuanced things. Oh British art I love you so!

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