Call The Midwife Tour

2017 Holiday London

Since we stayed in London for 10 days, we had extra time for some excursions. We definitely had to go to the Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour on one of those days, and we took a few trains out to the countryside to do a Call The Midwife Tour. 

We made it to Chatham the town, and then booked it to the Chatham Dockyards to make it for our tour time.

This was our tour guide Irene. She was a classic no-nonsense Brit and dressed up in my dream Halloween costume, the midwives’ uniform.

I learned about movie magic- it’s amazing how small of a space they use to create an entire world. Irene would point out moments from the show and where they were filmed but the worn brick could be recognized anywhere.

Easy to imagine little 1950s/1960s kids running about! She also showed us where the hooks for hanging the laundry lines are placed along the brick.

This section along the dockyard is used for SO MANY movies and TV shows (including Call the Midwife). The front of the store in Mr. Selfridge is build along the river and the street is filled with period cars and people.

Irene telling us about this street used in the first season of Call the Midwife, in the episode with the mother who only spoke Spanish and had like 15 kids or something.

Do you recognize this room??? I sure did the moment I walked in. Let me know if you recognized it before you clicked on the link!

We finished up the tour and explored the open ships and buildings in the area.

We came across this massive building filled to the brim with historical cars, boats, engines… you name it. Turns out the building was used to build ships indoors for centuries. I made sure to take as many pictures as I could because we kept thinking how much my dad would love to see it! (and you’re seeing it now Dad, nine months later!!)

It was such a treat to see a place you’d never find yourself in in any other circumstances. And if you find yourself with extra time in London, definitely make the trip to Chatham.

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