Happy New Year!

I had no plans up until 3pm New Years Eve. I’ve been staying with my family at my brother’s house during the break but I was out running errands and I went to my apartment to grab a few things. My dear roommate was back from Christmas break unbeknownst to me! I knew she’d be down for a good time so we began to make plans. Throughout my life, minus a few years, New Years has always been a bust. I’ve been cursed. For the past three years, it’s been me on my brother’s couch alone watching the ball drop. Last year included my parents and nieces, but as soon as the ball dropped my niece sprayed silly string directly into her eye and that killed the celebratory mood. It’s the result of being in Utah for the holidays while all of my friends are still away at home!

So, as much as I do love being with my parents and nieces, it was time to actually party! We chose a big Great Gatsby themed party (more on that “theme” later) and I headed to Hobby Lobby to find the right supplies for 1920s headbands. With one yard of black lace, one appliqué, two types of black feathers, one piece of black felt and a fabric glue gun, I was feeling like Zelda herself. The fun is in the getting ready, right? We’ll we took our sweet time to get just the right look. I remembered my fur coat just in time to head out the door.

We tried to find Martinelli’s so we could bootleg (it’s the prohibition, remember?) it into the dance, but alas, Smith’s was out.

A grocery store? What’s that?

We came up with our characters which added a general magic to the evening/carried us through when the dance turned out to be a massive room full of middle/high schoolers definitely not in costume and definitely no 1920s music or theme in sight. Good thing we had a good time by ourselves.

The gang: John, Andrew, Kitty and Maggie.
We sure had a whoopee at the rub.

Let the 1 am photo shoot commence!

Just a couple of broads.

2015 was full. Full of public relations work/schoolwork, my first internship/job, my first apartment full of friends. It included trips back home to Calgary, to Virginia/North Carolina, to Atlanta for PRSSANC, and to California for a perfect Disneyland Christmas trip. I bought more clothes and weaned off my spending on makeup and skincare a bit. I found new TV series and kept watching ones I love (Parks and Rec, Mr. Selfridge, Jane the Virgin, Great British Bake Off, The Office, Gilmore Girls, Blackish and Seinfeld). I saw too few movies at the movie theater (hello resolution to stay on top of new movies) but Cinderella including the most gorgeous costumes and styling of the year.

I finally felt at home at BYU with friends and a building that feel like home (Brimhall all day every day). I finally got a calling at church as a relief society instructor in my fourth year in Provo that does not include playing the piano twice a semester, or being the choir pianist for a ward choir that doesn’t exist.

I became a member of DBSA’S National Young Adult Committee and got involved with my local DBSA chapter. I marked another year of wellness and (mostly) balanced moods. I also spent a year with an injured hip and IT band that is slowly getting better with physical therapy. 2015 was a year of working, building and fixing myself (health probs, starting my major, working hard, and also keeping up my job) and 2016 will be the year of reaching outwards. I’ll graduate! I’ll be in DC for the summer! I’ll have close friends getting married!

Things keep changing and evolving and I’ll keep changing too. I’ll continue accepting myself and continue to improve. I’m excited for a fresh new year. In the words of Gretchen Rubin, onwards and upwards!

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