Two Weeks in Cowtown

After our trip to the Outer Banks, I flew home with my parents and stayed for a few weeks. I spent the time doing a little work from home, going to appointments, running errands with my mom, going to the Stampede, chopping my hair off and road tripping to Edmonton to visit my lifelong boo, Victoria. It was so nice to be home for a little while and to take a breather. Now that I’m here looking back, summer 2015 was great. It truly was.

hair chop

I gave my hair the old chop-chop! (I MISS MY HAIR COLOR. I ADDED IN TOO MUCH BLONDE IN AUGUST SO I DYED IT DARKER IN DECEMBER TO GET BACK TO MY HAIR COLOR. It’ll just have to grow back. For now, I’m enjoyed my golden brunette ‘do.)

hair chop

Hair chop


(My parents visit the sweetest lady in our ward who lives at the nearby care center. She is a very talented knitter and always places at the Stampede Art Show!)

Calgary Stampede




The Praries

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