Summer in Provo

The bittersweet part of summer came in August, when my sweet grandpa passed away on the 11th. It was also a sacred time as my family joined together to remember this incredible man and family patriarch and to rally around my grandma.

Bea and Leon



I was feeling down, and it ended up being the night before my grandpa passed away. I decided to take a walk around campus and I felt buoyed up being where he lived and served his whole career.


Earlier in July we were able to have a Hartshorn family reunion and spend a little time with my grandpa before he passed. It was wonderful to have my family together!


Day-to-day I would go to work, meet up with my friends and enjoy the perfect weather. The time came to move out in August and that too was bittersweet! It was the end of an era.



The end result of two months of jackhammering. Nice.

Visiting the studious student.

Loved bringing my nieces to BYU while I was babysitting them one day to show them around the Brimhall.


IMG_0304  Met up with my good friend Becky the week before her wedding that I was so sad to miss back home!


Still life.


Goodbye perfectly lighted room.



  (I spy one skirt I have had since 8th grade.)

IMG_0309Goodbye to my parking spot between two cement pillars. It’s been real.

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