Notting Hill and Portobello Market

Oh my London. My heart! I returned from my mega girls grad trip on Friday and as the jet lag gets better, my heart misses my happy place. We stayed for 10 days in Notting Hill in this amazing airbnb. The best part was having the Notting Hill tube stop right outside the door. (The kitchen and a deep tub were added perks!) It was so nice to have a home base that was not a hotel room, especially since we had five people. The couches could’ve been more comfortable, but there was an amazing book selection, big windows and having only one bathroom was no big deal.

After we settled in on Friday, we went out to find lunch at the otherworldly Ottolenghi which was down the street from our flat. There was no available seating inside, so we set off to find a park. Turns out the park I found was a private gated park, and we were so hungry we plopped down on the sidewalk. That night as everyone hit the hay early (so exhausted!) I set off to the O2 with my friend Marin who is at the London Center this term. We saw John Mayer’s Love on the Weekend tour in the flesh and it was marvelous.

On Saturday morning, we hit Portobello Market! It was overcast and crowded, but always a treat.

Lunch at Honest Burgers… DELISH.

when you think this pic is cute but your eyes are looking the wrong way

“family portrait” hahaha

Oh, you’re a delight. More London adventures to come!

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  • Your pictures turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! You’ve got the eye. So fun to re-live our trip, I can’t wait for the next post!

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