InDesign and I have become best friends as I’ve used it in a print publishing class, visual communications and to design materials for many of my other courses. I think the phrase “font snob” is a little harsh, but not too far from the truth when it comes to me. I love bright, simple and modern design and am inching closer to the designer I want to be.

Published Work:

I was the design lead on the rebranding of the BYU Math Education Department. The initial designs were too literal and the client decided they were looking to stay away from “mathy” stereotypes like + and – signs. I came up with a take on the Rubik’s cube and pulled in the university’s royal blue. The client loved the fresh take and it is now used on all social media and signage.

I incorporated existing photos from the department to use on both Facebook pages.

Class Work:

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Virginia Woolf's House Brochure

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