Ask Megan (No One Asked Me): YSA F2F Edition

2017 Ask Megan

I’ve been getting my spiritual house in order since the big move. I remembered what Gretchen Rubin said about how new habits are easy to create and maintain alongside a new chapter in our lives. I’ve started making institute a priority and go once a week, I love going to church because I find my new YSA ward here interesting, diverse and uplifting and I’m scaling back my phone usage and reading my scriptures first thing in the morning before checking Instagram.

All of this leads to feeling more spiritually in tune and at peace. Being in a new place has shed some of my barriers I’ve built up regarding anything in the YSA program because it was all too much at BYU. I needed to find “my people” – a new ward and community where I could feel valued as myself and contribute and serve, and I’m beginning to find it here.

I got an email this morning announcing the first (?) Young Single Adult Face to Face with Elders Oaks and Ballard. With my newfound zeal for the YSA program, I’m excited. But as a nosy know-it-all who thinks she has all the answers to life, I’m thrilled by the treasure trove that is the question submissions section.

*me as a spiritually sincere young woman speaking* Many of the questions are eloquent expressions of concerns and feelings I share with the authors. I can’t wait for the apostles to discern which of the questions they’ll answer and what they have to say. It’s amazing we have this opportunity to have an open dialogue about intense and confusing topics and be uplifted and edified.


It’s questions like this:

and this:

that I would love the answers to.


On the other hand,  *me as a nosy know-it-all speaking* People: I can solve all of your life’s problems in 100 words or less.

Let’s go.

Question #1:

Answer: You say, “wow agency applies to other people and not just me?? wow what a world.” And you MOVE ON.

Question #2:

Answer: First of all, I’m sorry you’re in the thick of it. I’ve been there, more than once. Props to you for reaching out for spiritual help- Heavenly Father loves you and has endless comfort to give, but sometimes our brains make it hard to feel it. That’s right, you’re dealing with a physical issue that needs to be addressed by a doctor and a therapist and most likely, medication. Heavenly Father has blessed us with modern medicine, research and understanding on mental illness. It’s a MAJOR blessing and so reach out for help to a medical professional. It’ll get better, I promise. Be easy on yourself. If your boyfriend cares about you, he’ll be at your side through any health challenge.

Question #3:


Girl, I feel you. ETERNITY is long. I have two questions: What made you want to marry him ever since you met him? “That marriage is upon me”… okay marriage should not be forced? You okay? So you guys are engaged now? Fill me in. In the meantime, I’ll work with what you gave me. Are you feeling too young because people are telling you that you are too young? If so, work on being confident in your convictions and the opinions around you won’t matter. If they’re telling you you’re young, you probably are in your early twenties. Everyone in my family has been married in their early twenties, and the vast majority have had, and continue to have, successful marriages. When it comes down to it, age is truly a number. A marriage is an agreement between two people who love each other, and the marriage lasts when the agreed two individuals understand that the other individual will change.

We age, we change. We get a new job, we change. We have a health scare, we change. We experience grief and loss, we change. That’s how life works. That’s how we grow, that’s how we progress and that’s how we’ll progress throughout eternity. (With less of the grief and pain part.) No one is the “right fit for me, forever” straight out of the box. Two puzzle pieces start out and morph and adjust together. What matters is if this person makes you laugh. Are they nice to waiters? Do they like to read? Is he the one you want to call when you get the best news in the world? Is he the one you can call when you feel hurt, ashamed or embarrassed and know he’ll love you no matter what? It’s okay to feel daunted- it is a huge decision. It’s not one to be rushed either, if you’re unsure. Listen to your gut. As April Ludgate-Dwyer says, it’s always right.

Question #4:


I’m sorry our society’s backwards view on sexual harassment has gotten to you. I’m sorry to say that you yourself cannot do anything to protect yourself from this harassment (I’m assuming cat-calling) because men choose this method of what can loosely be defined as communication and think they’re doing us (as women) a favor. Men, it’s on you to change. Women, hold your head up high and hope for better. But let’s circle back to your workplace. Who is doing whaaat to you?? That’s not okay. Report it. It’s on them. It is not on you. You are not asking for it. I am confused by what you mean by upholding your virtue – are you thinking this harassment is your fault because you are a women and the men you’ve interacted with can’t handle themselves appropriately? Next time, ask them how they’re upholding their virtue. That’ll stump ’em.

Question #5:



Hey! You! with the keyboard and the thoughts!

According to your logic, I never served a mission so I guess that automatically means I have no spirituality, social skills and work ethic. This is why I am an apostate living in a cave

*Okay Megan… deep breath*

You’re wrong. (Megan!) Sorry, you are not correct. kjhsdfhwBVibdisbi Sorry I just read the end of the question again and rage typed.

As you can decipher, I highly disagree with everything contained in that screenshot above. I will say this: Those who serve missions do so to serve the Lord and our fellow man by sharing joy and light. Improved spirituality, social skills and work ethic are a wonderful and fabulous and blessed by-product of such a concentrated spiritual (and life) boot camp (18 months and two years are no picnic). Just because someone can’t or has not or will not elect to serve a mission, they’re still growing in spirituality, social skills and work ethic if they so choose to in their lives.

(I tried really hard form nice sentences. Time’s up.)

In another dimension, this is what they were trying to say, and thank you to whoever sent this in:

“A mission is not a saving ordinance.” Bless this soul. (also bless you missionaries… I love each of every one of you. And all of you who never served a mission. Love and appreciation all around.)


Thus concludes this edition of Ask Megan: (No One Asked Me).I’ll be here all night. Did I leave you wanting more? Please spill your guts and soul anonymously in the comments section. (I’m kidding. But I’m not kidding when I say I love knowing the good, the bad and the ugly in everyone’s life.) (I’m nosy.)

P.S. Drop everything and watch Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard’s announcement video for the event. It’s a delight.

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  1. THIS IS SO AWESOME MEGAN!!!! I love the way you write. And I 100% agree with every response you gave to every question; just what I would have said. I just love you!!

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